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About us

“Donyae Komatsu ” co. ltd is one of the first and oldest companies in this union unit, which officially started its activity in 1978 to supply, import, and equip “Komatsu” machinery parts. The main activity and focus of this company always importing and supplying the main spare parts of “Komatsu” machinery and all kinds of reputable alternative brands.


Today, “Donyae Komatsu” co. ltd, relying on the experience and reputation of more than 40 years and also with the benefit of experienced and specialized staff, not only in supplying parts for “Komatsu” machines but also in supplying parts for most construction and mining machines such as (Cater Pilla, Volvo,  Dosan, New Holland, etc.) to increase the scope of its activities and provide valuable services to its customers.

We hope to play an effective role in the perspective of the level of economic transformation and development of our beloved country along with the activists of the mining and civil engineering sector of the country.                 

Donyae Komatsu